Made with LOVE

Made with LOVE

by Peyton T. Everdeen

This month of March 2022, TinapaIsLife Processing launched a new product line, “Easy Eats Collection”, that features these three products:

  1. Easy Eats Tinapang Boneless Bangus Large
  2. Easy Eats Tinapang Bangus Fillets
  3. Easy Eats Tinapang Galunggong Fillets

When I asked the owner/friend of mine on what inspired him to develop this product line, he pointed to my blog, “Love Language”.  In case you haven’t read that blog , I hope that you will find time to read it before or right after you finish reading this blog.  

Anyway, I also found myself reading the blog again to understand where my friend was coming from.  After I did, I thought that it was probably this paragraph that tugged his heart and inspired him to develop the “Easy Eats Collection”.

While I was helping my Mom eat, there were times when I would still find a bone in the Tinapa flakes, so I had to carefully inspect each flake before I put it in the spoon then in her mouth.  As expected, it took a while before we finished her breakfast.  Need I say again that my Mom also loved the Kabasi.  This made me extremely happy because I exerted lots of time and effort in taking out the bones.  At this point, I looked at my Mom and told her, “You know what I realized after preparing and helping you eat Kabasi, the person who can do this for you must really love you so much.  This is a genuine act of service for someone you love dearly.” My Mom just smiled back at me and said, “You’re right “anak”.  Thank you.”

My friend developed this new collection of boneless flavorful Tinapa so that I would not have a difficult time making my Mom eat and enjoy Tinapa whenever she wants to.  I just buy a few packs and store them in the freezer.  Whenever my Mom wants Tinapa, I can just take it out of the freezer and do these three easy steps:

  1. Defrost
  2. Microwave
  3. Eat

With Easy Eats, it’s that easy.  

I can already picture in my mind how many people can find this collection relevant to them:

  • People like me who are also taking care of their parents and would like to help them enjoy Tinapa, which they already enjoyed even when they were younger.
  • Mothers who also love Tinapa and would want to introduce Tinapa to their children.
  • Young independent people, students or working, who have wanted to try Tinapa but too lazy to take out the bones from the fish.
  • People who love to cook and would like this made-with love boneless Tinapa collection to create equally delicious and made-with-love recipes.

I would like to personally thank my friend for developing the “Easy Eats” Collection of boneless  flavorful Tinapa.  It’s easy for me to say that indeed, the collection was made with love.  It’s easy for me to say that anything made with love can attract a lot of people.  I invite you to try this new collection from TinapaIsLife and use it to express your love for someone or create another product out of love.  Let love multiply.  Our world needs it.  With Easy Eats, it’s easy.

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Want to order the 3easy eat collection.

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