About Us

How It All Started

It all started when I bought smoked fish in Bataan as a gift for a couple of my friends. I typically buy from a small community of “Tinapa” makers in Balanga Bataan. It was one time when a couple of my friends asked me if they can just buy from me as they liked how it tasted so fresh and good. Transporting the fish became a challenge on how to keep it fresh when I travel back to Manila from Bataan so I thought maybe I should vacuum seal them. So together with a friend, we ventured into the Tinapa business producing and also sourcing from communities freshly smoked and marinated fish from the Capital of Tinapa, Bataan.

Great things happening at TinapaIsLife

  • Freshness is Our Priority

    We know that when our fish are fresh, our fish will taste

    TinapaIsLife, the perfect breakfast catch!

  • Smoking The Natural Way

    We know that when we smoke our fish with untreated mahogany wood, maintain a consistent level of temperature, and all done in a clean and natural smoke house, our fish will taste great.

  • Sealing-In The Freshness

    We know that when we pack our fish in a professional air-tight way, our fish will remain fresh and taste great until it reaches our customers’ doorsteps.

  • Clean & Safe

    We know that when we handle fish in a clean and safe way,
    our fish will taste great.

  • Using E-Commerce Technology

    We source our ingredients and fish from the local community. We know that when we grow, the rest of the community in Bataan grow. We create relationships with the small tinapa-makers, vendors, and middlemen so we can bring what they have to offer to the Metro via our e-commerce technology.

  • Engaging The Metro Housewives

    Through engaging with housewives in the Metro, we are able to create a sustainable distribution network. They are our points of pick up so that our customers can always get their fish fresh. We help provide livelihood and create additional income for those who also find our products great tasting.

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