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  • Baby Bangus – Daing

    ❤ Unique sweet and sour taste

    ❤ Moist and crunchy

    ❤ You can eat almost everything including the bones


    What to watch out for

    Cook in low fire as it can easily burn in oil

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  • Kabasi – Tinapa

    ❤ Unique smokiness that’s moist

    ❤ Great for those who already love tinapa but want to try something different


    What to watch out for

    Long soft bones

  • Tamban – Tinapa

    ❤ Rich smoky flavor

    ❤ Tasty and great with Rice


    What to watch out for

    Saltier than the rest

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  • tinapang galunggong serving suggestion

    Galunggong – Tinapa

    ❤ Meaty and the right amount of smokiness

    ❤ Everyone in the family will love


    What to watch out for

    Slightly more expensive

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  • semi-deboned tinapang bangus

    Bangus – Tinapa

    ❤ Light smoky flavor but very meaty

    ❤ Serves 5 people per pack


    What to watch out for

    Semi de-boned

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  • tinapang kapak alugasin banak

    Kapak – Tinapa

    ❤ Fresh meaty flavor with light to medium smokiness

    ❤ Great for those who want to try a light smoky flavor in fish


    What to watch out for

    For some, it may taste a little bland

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