What does Tinapa mean to you?

What does Tinapa mean to you?

When I started helping my friend sell Tinapa for TinapaIsLife, I learned that Tinapa could mean different things to different people across all walks of life.

A few, specifically my relatives and friends, bought Tinapa from me as a favor.

One bought it from my friend as a gift for his parents who love Tinapa.  The packs were delivered to him in a small colorful Styropor icebox, which made it even more special.

Some bought it because they like Tinapa, but they cannot find it in supermarkets or groceries.

On the other hand, some bought it because they’re tired of having their usual processed meats (e.g., hotdogs, bacon, ham, etc.) for breakfast and would like to try a healthy option like Tinapa.

One surprisingly bought it for nostalgic reasons.  She bought several packs then had a “mukbang” with “burong mustasa” the following day to make up for the many years that she was not able to eat Tinapa, especially her favorite Kabasi.

Lastly, one bought the Kabasi because among our 3 Tinapa variants, it was the only she has not tasted.  Even though it was “matinik” or bony, she and her husband loved it so much that she bought more.  Since she’s the only one who’s earning, they usually just buy “ulam” from a nearby stall.  The 4 pcs of Kabasi can already last them for lunch and dinner.  Now she’s planning to buy a few packs for Christmas so that in case they have visitors, she can easily cook the Kabasi.  Who could have imagined that one can spread the joy of Christmas thru Tinapa? 

As I said in the beginning, Tinapa can mean different things to different people.  I invite you to TRY our Tinapa and be surprised at what it could mean to you.  The brand name says it all, “Tinapa Is Life”.

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