My Mother's Hands by Peyton T. Everdeen

My Mother's Hands by Peyton T. Everdeen


I wrote this poem in 2009.  I want to have it published this Mother’s Day of 2022 because when I read it again, the last line of the poem has taken on a deeper meaning.  In my earlier posts, I already mentioned that my Dad passed away in July 2019.  When President Duterte declared a national lockdown in March 2020, I was forced to move out of my condominium unit in Quezon City and stay with my Mom in Caloocan. Our day help and night caregiver both decided to stop working and just stay home with their families because of the threats of Covid19.  Moreover, my Mom was 85 at that time and due to her comorbidities, needed, 24/7 care. 

By publishing this poem in the TinapaIsLife website, I am reaffirming a promise that I made to my mother in 2009, a promise that I will make to my Mom each and every day of the rest of her life. 

“I’ll take care of you Mom; that’s my lifetime plan.”


The first time I felt my Mother’s hands
The doctor just told her she was pregnant
She touched her womb and called me “my baby”
It must have made me warm all over my body.

On the day I was born, I felt a stranger’s hands
Holding me upside down and patting my behind
Hours later, I no longer felt alone and distressed
As my Mother carried me close to her chest.

Growing up, my Mother’s hands to me were always close
One hand firmly held my bottle of milk, so I won’t choke
One hand kept my feet from moving as she changed my diaper
And each time I fell asleep, her tight hug kept me warmer.

My Mother’s hands guided me when I was learning to write
She taught me to be good and to always do what is right
She taught me to be still and clasp my hands in prayer
When I need to thank God, be sorry, or ask for a favor.

My Mother’s hands were always a source of strength
They kept me standing and running after each fall or descent
They held me tight when she tried to teach me a lesson
But they never let me go when I was on a mission.

Now I’m all grown-up and yes, older and stronger
But oh no, my once formidable Mom became weaker
Her words are rarely clear but her trembling hands a constant
She walks really slow but loses her patience in an instant.

I’ve loved my Mother from the time I was in her womb
Until to a series of mild strokes, she sadly succumbed
It hurt me to see her at her best and at her worst
In her moment of weakness, how could I be her sturdy post?

Mom, please allow me to help you and be your hands
When you can’t hold your glass or cut your food to strands
When you can’t press the TV’s remote to switch channels
Or get in and out of the car without hurting yourself.

Mom, I’ll give you a bath and put on your clothes
I’ll manage your bank account and sign your “docs”
I’ll turn on the aircon for you and put you to bed
I’ll say good night then plant a kiss on your forehead. 

Mom, just hold on to me and let me be your cane
As we take a walk to church or anywhere, shine or rain
Hold on to me whenever you’re sad or feeling down
I’ll try to make you laugh and your sadness I’d drown.

My Mother’s hands have always been there for me.
Now it’s my turn; everything will be fine you’ll see.
Mother, please let me be your hands while I still can.
“I’ll take care of you Mom; that’s my lifetime plan.”


Happy Mother’s Day Mom.  I love you.  I wish I could say that I love you more, but you have taught me again and again that children can never love their Mothers more.  A Mother’s love is 24/7, unconditional, and lasts forever. 

Happy Mother’s Day too to all the other mothers in the world.  You all deserve to be honored and loved not just today but every day thereafter.  Thank you God for our mothers.

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Lovely poem, intimate and your love for your mom really shines. Wish i was like that when my mom was alive.


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