How to chose the best Tinapa for you...  by Peyton T. Everdeen

How to chose the best Tinapa for you... by Peyton T. Everdeen

Is this your first time to try “Tinapa” (Smoked fish) and can’t decide which one to order?  We at TinapaIsLife developed a table that could help you decide based on four product attributes:

However, if you want to have a bit of fun while choosing, you can try this.  Can you please imagine that you, the customer, is an eligible bachelor and our Tinapa variants are the candidates for “JOJOWAIN” or girlfriend?      

The Tamban woman is the simplest of all.  She’s friendly and approachable (at P70 per pack) but is the least meaty.  She compensates for this by being the saltiest, hence is best eaten with lots of rice.

The Kabasi woman, similar to Tamban, is also friendly and approachable.  However, she has more bones so the man would have to exert lots of time and effort before he can win her heart and enjoy the rich smoky flavor of Kabasi.

Our Galunggong, being the most expensive per pack, reminds me of a woman who has worked hard to become successful and financially independent.  As such, she deserves to be compensated for her achievements, hence the premium price.  After the man wins her heart, he would be so happy to be spending time with his smokin’ hot woman of substance.   

Before I end, let me just say that in my eyes, all women, in spite of their differences, are equal.  No one is better or weaker than the other.  The challenge for the eligible bachelor is to know the woman, choose one, and love her for who or what she is.

 Similarly, all our Tinapa variants are equally good.  You just have to know each one based on the table of attributes that you can easily find when you order from our website then choose the one Tinapa that best suits you.  If after tasting it and you think you made a mistake, do not worry because you still have a second chance at ordering another variant until you find what’s best for you. 

 To make the selection process faster, you can try ordering one of each variant and trying each one. I have to warn you though.  Please do not go through the same process when looking for a girlfriend.  You cannot choose more than one girlfriend at the same time.  Otherwise, you could get smoked or even burned. 

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