#BLANK IS LIFE  by Peyton T. Everdeen

#BLANK IS LIFE by Peyton T. Everdeen

When my friend asked me to help him set up his TinapaIsLife business, it was the first time that I heard a phrase with the words “…is life”.  I found the name cute, memorable, and business-appropriate.  My friend describes it as quirky hence to the unconventional, may be interesting or even endearing.

Recently, I came across the YouTube channel of a Fil-Am stay-at-home wife and mother of two who often showed scenes of her cooking different dishes plus rice.  At the last part of these videos, she would show herself eating the dish and rice with so much gusto that she would often get a 2nd or even a 3rd serving.  During these scenes, I often heard her say, “Masarap guys.” and “Rice is life.”

I was so intrigued by this expression that I decided to call a friend, Google.  I searched for “Rice is life” and surprisingly found several matches.  It’s the title of a book, a theme for agriculture-related organizations, a topic for YouTube videos, the name of a Facebook account, a design on shirts, and the subject of numerous digital images.

The Urban Dictionary (http://www.urbandictionary.com) defined Rice is Life as “an expression said by those who appreciate rice and related subjects so much that it has become a huge part of their life.”

Similarly, my friend and I absolutely love Tinapa and TinapaIsLife has become a huge part of our lives and those of our family members.  TinapaIsLife is more than a business to us.  We also view it as a channel for spreading God’s abundance by providing our customers with a healthy option for breakfast, helping the small communities of Tinapa makers in Bataan grow their business, enabling our families and other women to earn extra income, etc.  

How about you?  Is there anything that you deeply appreciate and has become a big part of your life?  Can you think of something that either makes your life happier or you cannot live without?  Please take time to think about these things and whether big or small, remember to thank God for these blessings.

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